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Adam Gabriel

Adam Gabriel, artista e insegnante in Accademie d’Arte ha il suo atelier a Højer. Collabora con Gallerie danesi e di altri paesi, Galleria V58 ad Århus, Gallery Rasmus, Gallery Jacobsen ed altre. Ha al suo attivo mostre in Denimarca, Polonia, Germania, Olanda, Parigi, USA, Italia, Cina. ( Bewstter Art Month Amaland Holland, Art fair Copenhagen, Art fair Hamburg , Art fair Herning Danmark, Pa Museet Ribes Vikinger, Helborg Museum, Dansk Centralbibliotek Flansburg, Chongqing international modern & contemporary Art Exhibition in Hong Art Museum) Adam Gabrile ha ritratto membri di famiglia reale danese. Nasce nel 1967, lavora e vive nel sud della Danimarca.

The imagery itself is not silent. It is expressionistic and reflects the endless degrees of human presence thet a portrait can hold. But this are not actual portraits. By expressing the human face universally rather than individually, he questions what life is for a size. In the midst of the colorless, glowing or sensuous brushstrokes, within the powerful strokes and gentle lines, lies something universal that is all about us all. The strengths and weaknesses of the faces turn out to be existential.

Adam Gabriel’s clear fascination is with people; the naked vulnerable human, Questions like who are we imposes. The starting point for this is always the face. The powerful brushstrokes and precise lines reveal no obvious emotion, but insist on the viewer’s full attention. The existential focal point of the works is an open meeting with a human, and perhaps we can recognize ourselves in the inevitable, strong gazes of the nemeless figures.

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